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Registered patent attorney, USPTO Reg. No. 38,869
Jack S. Emery, J.D., PhD
Member, State Bar of Arizona
Individual patent representation for research professionals
Patent Prosecution For Research Professionals

My practice focuses on cost-effective patent prosecution for clients in scientific or engineering disciplines, mainly current and former academic researchers and companies with which they are associated. Research professionals and others in need of assistance in U.S. patent related matters are invited to email (jack@jacksemerypa.com) or telephone. (U.S. number 480 319 6293 or skype: jackindavao). I am located in Davao, Philippines, and my practice is conducted electronically. Time zone is UTC plus 8 hours (same as Hong Kong, click here for current time). Telephone calls to the U.S. number may be made at any time and will automatically go to voice mail if outside convenient hours. For written communications email is preferred; to avoid any possible loss of confidentiality, email inquiries should please not disclose confidential information without prior arrangement.

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How big is the vocabulary of patent claims?
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Issued patents . . .
U.S. 9,520,247
U.S. 9,460,904
U.S. 9,418,802
U.S. 9,285,402
U.S. 9,199,755
U.S. 9,082,600
U.S. 9,034,623
U.S. 8,963,080
U.S. 8,633,710
U.S. 8,796,414
U.S. 8,821,703
U.S. 8,173,407
U.S. 8,026,731


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